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This Biotechnology and Biomedicine Catalog of Technologies (FY2018 Edition) provides a comprehensive list of technologies owned by the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. (UGARF) in these areas and that are available for licensing. This document also serves as a guide to research carried out at UGA in the covered subject areas, seeking to create opportunities for collaborative research between our investigators and industry. We would like to encourage the readers to visit our researchers’ webpages as well as those pages for pertinent institutional research programs. Research partnerships may be forged independently of licensing activities.

This document is divided into two main parts, Biotechnology and Biomedicine, in this order. The Biotechnology section is organized into three components, which appear in the following order: Microbial Biotechnology; Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology and Biotechnology Tools.

The electronic version of this Catalog provides you with active links to (i) the email address of the case managers; (ii) the webpage for the inventors of each technology detailing their respective research interests; (iii) when available, patents and published patent applications for each technology, (iv) publications by the inventors that are related to each invention and (v) webpages for UGA Centers and Institutes carrying research in the areas of this catalog (see page 69 and beyond).

When listing publications under an invention heading, we included not only those publications that are directly associated with – and describe –  the invention, but also other publications by the inventors which speak to the invention and are closely related to it.

Please note that, while we attempted to provide links to open access versions of publications, links to some of the publications in this catalog may only display the respective manuscripts in the event you have a site subscription to the corresponding journals. Should you not be able to access a publication, please, contact the respective case manager for assistance.

Inventions may be licensed exclusively, non-exclusively, worldwide or to limited territories depending on a licensee’s needs and the specific availability for a given technology.


A compilation of patented and patent-pending inventions by UGA researchers in the areas of medicine and biotechnology 

Tags2-hydroxybutiric acid, 3, 4-dihydroxybutiric acid, 3-BP, 5-hydroxytryptophan, aldehydes, Aldohexoses, Antibiotics Anticoagulant, apoptosis, assay, atherosclerosis, Bacillus thuringiensis, biofuels, biomass, bt, Butyric acid, Caffeic acid, Caldicellulosiruptor, cancer, cardiovascular, Chagas, chemotherapy, cisplatin, Citramalic, cloning, cns, Colistin, commodity chemicals, companion animal, Competitive Exclusion, coumarin, Crop Productivity, Crop Protection, crop yield, cryptosporidium, CTP synthase, cyanobacteria, DCA, diabetes, Dicoumarol, drug delivery, e. coli, electricity, enteric, Ester, ethanol, Extremophile, Fabaceae, Farm animal, fermentation, food, food safety, Gene Silencing, Glucose metabolism, grass, Hexoses, ifn, immunotherapy, Immuno-PDT, infectious diseases, inflammation, Insect Leaf chewing insects, legume, lignin, Lignocellulose, Lignolytic enzyme, MAA, Meloidogyne, Metaacrylic acid, mitochondria, nanomedicine, nematode, Neointima, neurodegenerative, Neural cells, neurology, obesity, Paenibacillus, PDT, pectin, Pentoses, Phenotypic variability, Photosynthesis, pine, plant breeding, plant growth, Plant phenotype, Plant trait, plasmid, pMECA, Poaceae (grasses), Polymyxin, poplar, poultry, Pro-drug Propanoic acid, propanol, Pyrococcus, Rare sugars, recalcitrance, regenerative medicine, rice, rna, RNA Extraction, Root-knot, serotonin, sirna, soybean, specialty chemicals, stem cells, Stents, streptomyces, T. cruzi, TBI, Transposable element, traumatic brain injury, Trypanosoma, tryptophan, vaccine production, vascular disease, Vector control, veterinary, nanotechnology, particle, organelle, protein, sugars
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